Sunday Events - Agave week

600 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA

Sunday Events - Agave week

600 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA



8:00pm-10:00pm at Ace Hotel

Trixie Minx and her burlesque beauties will captivate you as you listen to live Latin music and watch a burlesque performance while tasting the best mezcals in the world. Enjoy cocktail samples from Del Maguey and Montelobos, mezcal tasting tables, and culinary bites from Agave House in this one-of-a-kind night out. $40 All Inclusive

(Includes access to Sunday tasting rooms, seminars and panel discussion)

TO TEQUILA & BEYOND - Presented and sponsored by Phil Minissale of Phil M Brokerage 4:00pm-5:00pm at Ace Hotel

An Exploration of the Nine Agave Spirits. Agave isn’t just tequila and mezcal any more. From Denver to Miami, lovers of agave are exploring the depth of Mexico’s national plant. Raicilla, Bacanora, Sotol and Polque highlight the different growing regions and Phil Minissale will give us an inside look and taste of what’s to come and what’s hot in the agave market.

SCOTCH LOVERS’ GUIDE TO MEZCAL - Sponsored by Buchanon’s Scotch & El Buho Mezcal 5:30pm-6:30pm at Ace Hotel

Do you love a good scotch? Then why are you afraid of mezcal? Are you still thinking about that rough night you had in Acupulco back in college? Well, mezcal has come a long way and it’s now the hottest agave spirit on the market. While you might be seeing it on every cocktail menu in town, few are sipping and appreciating all the great mezcals now available. Moderated by Bryan Dias of the NOLADrinks show with Bryan Dias, our esteemed panelists will explain the similarities and differences between Mexico’s best selling scotch and a top-notch mezcal, and why you should appreciate both.


7:00pm-8:00pm at Ace Hotel

Please join Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal for an opportunity to sample some of the rarest mezcal’s available from the Del Maguey collection. Evan Meeker from Del Maguey, will be your “spirit guide” as we sample expressions that exemplify the art and beauty of the category. Through the sampling, also plan on discussing information relating to mezcal production, sustainability and environmental impact, issues that are very important as this category continues to grow. We hope to see you during New Orleans Agave Week! Stigibeu!

Participants must be 21 or older. Be prepared to show your photo ID.