TBMAG 2022 Spring Tui Shou/Push Hands & Martial Arts Retreat

Plant City, FL

TBMAG 2022 Spring Tui Shou/Push Hands & Martial Arts Retreat


Tampa Bay Martial Arts Group 2022 Spring Retreat March 26-27

Location: Abundant Living Center 5204 Gallagher Rd.

Plant City, FL. 33565


Suggested Donation: $20 for Saturday, $15.00 for Sunday, or $35.00 for the Weekend


Basic Info: scroll down for details

Focus of the retreat will be Push Hands. 

Experience with “Internal/Soft” style recommended. 

Open to all martial artists of any level or style. 

Work on any area of martial arts in a safe and respectful manner. 

Not a martial arts competition: casual dress, no uniforms, belts or sashes.

Camp Site Included

Massage Available for Additional Fee 


Summary of Retreat:

This retreat is open to all martial artists of any level (particularly those with a decade or more of martial arts experience) looking for a safe, friendly environment to engage in Push Hands/Tui Shou with people from many different geographical areas and martial arts styles. While the focus of the retreat will be on push hands (Fixed Step, Restricted Step, Free Style, One-Legged, Elevated, etc), it is not be limited to that. Participants are welcome to work forms, chi sau, shuai jiao, chin na, meditation, qigong, self-defense, light sparring, or any other area of martial arts practice.


This is not a martial arts competition, and as such, there are no awards, medals, etc. for attendance and/or participation. We will not be using uniforms, belts, honorific or earned titles, and there will be no formalized teaching, seminars, or “holding court”. All styles of martial arts are welcome, although experience with some form of Chinese Martial Art, particularly an “Internal/Soft” style is recommended. The flavor of the retreat is that of a colloquium in that the primary goal, other than building community, is that of an “exchange of knowledge”, for the betterment of all involved. Considering this, martial artists with backgrounds including martial arts not derived from China are encouraged to attend.


This retreat is not structured around seminars, formal teaching, or any particular dogma. All participants are fully welcome to learn/practice whatever they choose, with whomever they choose at any point during the retreat. Find someone interested in what you want to do, and do it. Come and enjoy 17+ hours of martial arts camaraderie with us over a day and a half.


There will be no schedule for the retreat other than as follows:

Friday Evening:

Organizer Set-up, preparation, and early-bird arrivals

7:30 Dinner at Smokin’ Aces Barbecue in Plant City, FL



7:00-8:00 Breakfast, Stretching/Chi Kung (Qigong)

10:30 Opening Ceremony, Gifting to Host, Group Picture

8:00-12:30 Morning Session (4 1/2 Hours)

12:30-1:30 Lunch and Dialogue

1:30-5:30 Afternoon Session (4 Hours)

5:30-6:30 Dinner and Dialogue

6:30-8:30 Evening Session (2 Hours)

8:30 Bonfire & Camaraderie



7:00-8:00 Breakfast, Stretching/Chi Kung (Qigong)

8:00-3:00 Morning/Afternoon Session (7 Hours)

3:00 Goodbyes and Farewells