The 2024 International Green Summit

1575 Scott St, San Diego, CA 92106, USA


Join Virtually at the 2024 International Green Summit.
We will kick things off at 8am PST with a live podcast recording with Dylan Welch, founder of, and Hap Klopp the founder of North Face, followed directly by the 2024 International Green Summit.
Key 1:
- Learn from business experts and tech innovators how to build your business, further your career, make more money, and live a happier, more sustainable life.
Key 2: 
- What successful people do in tech, business, and finance on a day to day basis to improve the quality and impact of their lives.
Key 3:
- What changes will happen over the next five and ten years in business and tech, and how to prepare for it.
Book Before April 15th and get a FREE perk:
1. 114 Ways To Live Sustainably E-Book
Announced Speakers:
- 8:00am - Hap Klopp Live Podcast Interview
- 8:45am - Ali Elnaamani - The Future of Tech & Communications
- 9:15am - Patrick Donohue - The future of Sustainability
- 9:45am - Guy Cherni - The Future of Venture Capital