The Rest Of Us

1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3, Canada


Ottawa Premiere the Week of September 18th!

Two mother-daughter duos must contend with their grief and complicated relationships with one another when the person who connects them dies.

TIFF: Best Canadian Film nominee!
Canadian Cinema Editors Awards: Best Editing in a Feature Film nominee!
Directors Guild of Canada: Best Sound Editing nominee!

“Sharply written and sensitively played…effortlessly balancing off-center charm, compassion and a comic edge” (Hollywood Reporter)

“Fuelled by a never-better Heather Graham…The film marks an impressive feature directorial debut by Aisling Chin-Yee and writer Alanna Francis who inject every scene with heartfelt honesty.” (That Shelf)

“The Rest of Us is across-the-board strong — a sharp and occasionally funny script, layered performances, astute subtext and clear, understated visual presentation. Each of the four primary characters enjoys a level of complexity fitting the larger narrative arc, and that the movie accomplishes so much in its brief 80 minutes speaks mountains of Chin-Yee’s economical filmmaking.” (Decider)