ULO presents: Cyber Spirits

Los Angeles, CA

ULO presents: Cyber Spirits



Cyber Spirits is an interactive art experience that explores the presence of spirit in our digital devices. Meander through a dreamy, surrealist, comedic living art piece...

Cyber Spirits will leave you with ULO’s signature lightning bolt feeling - in this case a combination of curiosity, strangeness, and comedic joy. The magic and immersion of the experience is made possible by the technical wizardry behind it - a unique hardware-software blend of CRT monitors, video art, projection, custom physical installations, and speech synthesis. There's even a pinch of theater.

Vibes: Curious, Dreamy, Phantasmic, Strange, Giggly


An ULO original, Cyber Spirits was Created by Daisy Studio & kyttenjanae (known for her work with Adult Swim, Rick & Morty promos, OWSLA, and more); Written by Dave Kornfeld (previous writer & editor at The Onion); and Curated by NextArt.


Like all of ULO’s seasonal runs, Cyber Spirits will be offered as convenient 15 minute drop-ins that disappear as quickly as they arrive. Tickets are $10 per person, and include evening and weekend hours: new November dates just released! Experience the magic before it’s too late - just live from October 4th, into Winter!


At epic ROW DTLA, across from Tartine Bianco. Parking lot off of Alameda and Center St, first hour free. Follow the ULO/Cyber Spirits signs.

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