Virtual Mac 'N Cheese Gauntlet

4281 S Salida Way APT 11, Aurora, CO 80013, USA


Join us for an entire month’s worth of challenges aimed at keeping you motivated to get outside and run with some competition sprinkled in.  Over the course of 4 weeks, you will have a different challenge on a weekly basis to accrue points towards the overall standing.  There will be individual winners of each challenge on a weekly basis, but the real prize comes at the end when EVERY person registered will be given a digital coupon for a FREE classic mac n cheese from our title sponsor, Mac N Noodles!

The first week’s challenge will be a virtual 5K on a route of your choosing.  The subsequent weekly challenges are a secret to build suspense, but the details of each week will be sent out at the start of the week.  Prepare to push yourself, both physically and mentally, as you set out to get outside and run for some competition and delicious mac n cheese at the finish line! Oh, and did we mention that 10% of all registration fees will be donated to Foster Source, a local charity.  

Ways to submit your results will be included in the weekly email to start each week.

While the exact details of subsequent weekly challenges will be emailed out on the Sunday before the week starts, we can tell you that they will not all be based on how fast you can run.  They may include other aspects of running such as elevation, distance, accuracy, or even improvement.  This competition has been designed so that ANY and ALL participants have an opportunity to compete and win.  The fastest people will not necessarily win.