VOIDSTATE - by GamerCon

930 Tenth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

VOIDSTATE - by GamerCon

930 Tenth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, USA


Welcome to VOIDSTATE - GamerCon and LANDiego's BYOC LAN Event!

GamerCon and LANDiego Present VOIDSTATE. Held at the Historic Tenth Avenue Arts Center in Downtown, VOIDSTATE will take over the main stage to bring 14 hours of LAN Party madness to our San Diego PC Gaming fans! Bring your clan out to challenge fellow gamers or even test yourself against our Admin team.

VOIDSTATE is a classic LAN (local area network) Party, focused on PC Gaming. We split our main stage into two main areas. Our BYOC area features 40 seats and is for gamers who want to bring their own rigs or BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer). Our Rental area features 18 Computers which can be reserved or rented for the duration of the event, for those who don't want to drag out their rigs. VOIDSTATE features tournaments in several games over the course of the event.

Tournament Schedule

  • FortNite: Duos
  • Apex Legends: Squads (3 Man)
  • HL2 Death Match: FFA (Free For All)
  • Admins Vs. Attendees : Overwatch (team game)

Tournament Rules

FortNite: Duos

  • Must be a Duo, 2 Players, to Enter
  • Matches will Be Streamed
  • Admins need to See your Scores, DO NOT start another game or return to a Lobby Until your score is Recorded. If you do, you will not receive points for that round.

-- Scoring Rules --

  • Sign Ups will happen on site.
  • 1 pt Per Elimination
  • +1 pt for getting into the top 10
  • +1 pt for getting into the top 3
  • +1 Pt for getting a Victory Royale

Apex Legends

  • Must be a Squad, 3 Players, to Enter
  • Matches will Be Streamed

-- Scoring Rules --


Half-Life 2 Death Match

  • This is an old School Free For All Death Match
  • Matches will be Timed
  • Matches will be streamed

-- Scoring Rules --

  • Sign Ups will be handled on Site
  • Players will compete across 3 Random Maps
  • Map will rotate at 15 minutes or 100 Kills
  • Top 3 Kill/Death Ratios will be taken from each match
  • Sudden Death Matches will Resolve Ties
  • Hitting Tab in game will show your score, for the active game

-- General BYOC Info --

To help make sure your experience at VOIDSTATE goes smoothly, we've put together a little information packet for you. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at info@gamercon.com

--- VOIDSTATE Registration ---

Choose the Ticket Type you are registering for.

Either: BYOC or Rent a Computer.

If you have a Team, Clan or Gaming group that wishes to sit together you can specify on registration page. We will assign seat before the event, so this will help us get you into the right setups!

--- Getting There ---

Click HERE for directions

GamerCon Headquarters is located at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center, 930 10th Avenue, San Diego CA.

We do not have our own parking lot, but there is plenty of metered parking spots as well as two close paid lots.

This event will be held on the 1st Floor, of our Venue.

--- Basic LAN Party Information ---

You must bring the following things to VOIDSTATE:

  • VOIDSTATE registration info (Name, Email address)
  • Computer (Unless renting one from us)
  • Monitor (Please no bigger than 27" LCD) and connecting cable
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse (we recommend wired, just to avoid any potential interference)
  • Mouse pad
  • Power cables (but no extension cords or power strips. Maximum of two power connected devices)
  • Headphones
  • Games CDs/DVDs, Windows CD, and backups for other programs you may need to install/reinstall

We suggest printing off this list and checking each item as you pack it. If you end up forgetting something, talk to one of our Event Staff or NPCs and we will do our best to help out.

Please update/patch your games before coming to VOIDSTATE.

This includes updating Steam, Origin, etc.... Our internet access is specifically allocated toward gaming, and the available bandwidth for downloading is limited and reserved for hotfixes and last minute changes. Please use your home internet to update your games before arriving at VOIDSTATE.

Please be sure to enable virus protection on your computer before connecting it to our network. Any computers that are found with a virus will be immediately disconnected from the network until the matter is resolved. We would also like to remind everyone that there is absolutely NO personal network equipment allowed (Switches, routers, WiFi AP’s, etc).


--- Security Information ---

GamerCon’s Headquarters is in downtown San Diego, just a short walk away from the Gas Lamp District and the rest of San Diego's nightlife. To make sure our events are secure we monitor the Lobby and allow loading between 12pm and 3pm for VOIDSTATE. After 3pm the Lobby doors are closed. Don’t worry, if you need to arrive later you can contact us through Facebook Messenger.

As you enter the Main Stage you will see Central Administration. We will take a few moments to check you in and verify what equipment you are bringing in. We will mainly focus on quick details, such as your Computer and Monitor. You can come and go as you'd like, but when you plan to leave be sure to check out with Central Administration, as well.

While we will make every attempt to keep all equipment in the room safe, please be aware that there is little we can do to prevent phones, tablets, portable game consoles, CD's, wads of cash, and other small items from walking off. We strongly suggest you keep such items out of plain view and use some common sense when it comes to your own security. If you're coming with a laptop, we also STRONGLY recommend you invest in a laptop lock. Seriously.

--- Voice Chat Information ---

We will have the official VOIDSTATE Discord server available for tournaments and public gaming. While we will have the clients available on our file server, it is recommended that you download and install Discord before you come to the event. You can download the client https://discordapp.com/

-- Twitch Streaming --

The official GamerCon Twitch Channel will be live during VOIDSTATE. We will be streaming the Main tournament, and side tournaments when applicable. We recommend you follow the GamerConSD channel, as well as some of our GamerCon family streamers.

As we will be streaming this event, we would like to invite you to observe the upload cap during the event, and please refrain from live streaming from your personal computers.

Want to keep the conversation going about gaming both old and new, lore, min-maxing, theory craft, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, or just hang out after the VOIDSTATE? Join our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamerCon/

Drop into our Discord: https://discord.gg/8K3dEz