World Afro Day - Workplace

Beckenham, England

World Afro Day - Workplace


World Afro Day - Workplace  

This is the first global training day to create Afro hair inclusion for careers and business on 15th of September 2023, World Afro Day. This is a giant livestream and in-person event, inviting companies to kickstart global change and acceptance of Afro hair.  

World Afro Day - Workplace is leading the global charge in September and the UK government has already recognised Afro hair discrimination in the Inclusive Britain Report. New employer research will be released and training will address the gaps in knowledge about Afro hair discrimination. 

Your company could be at the forefront of change and be a part of our global UK movement with 1.5 billion estimated reach. World Afro Day CIC is supported by BUD Leaders their official training partner. This event will give your business the tools, training and support to end hair discrimination NOW. This is not a hair event, this is not a DEI event, this is a liberation movement for African descendants to 'be ourselves' in the workplace. 

The event is hosted by TV Personality and Property Developer, Scarlette Douglas and Tashara Parker, an Emmy award-winning journalist and workplace authenticity advocate. Join our excellent speakers Entrpreneur Levi Roots, Financial Expert, Emmanuel Asuquo, Shift Insight CEO, Jane Powell, Olympian Alice Dearing, Barrister Laith Dilaimi, UK Professor Jonathan Wilson, US Professor Wendy Greene, US Professor Patti O'Brien Richardson and World Afro Day CEO, Michelle De Leon.

Why should your business be involved?

  1. RISK - protect your business, respect the law and prepare for legal changes towards Afro hairstyles. Avoid legal consequences.
  2. EDGE - gain greater insight into customers with Afro hair = 1 billion plus of the global population. Attract and retain high calibre Black staff, who want to be free to be themselves and ‘belong in business.’ Get ahead and support this freedom movement.
  3. PURPOSE - enhance your reputation by embracing Afro hair inclusion. ‘Business as usual’, will mean that hair discrimination continues, so what kind of company do you want to be? Learning and understanding will show leadership in 2023.

Limited in-person tickets, first come first served!

Livestream 15:30-16:30 BST, doors open 15:15 BST



  • World class speakers & experts
  • Legal case studies 
  • Mental & physical health impact 
  • Livestream for all staff
  • Video playback for all staff (2023)
  • Limited in-person tickets
  • Slido interaction subject to availability
  • Resource pack downloads for all staff 
  • Sponsorship opportunities 

LOCATION: Langley Park Centre for the Performing Arts, Beckenham on the outskirts of South London, good transport links and free parking.


This is an historic time and the public will be able to see, which companies are putting purpose into action and not just words.