Guide to Hybrid Events

The event industry is in the middle of a significant change. Not only has the current world situation made traditional in-person events difficult, but also a new generation is demanding more flexibility in their entertainment.

In the post-COVID era, hybrid events will likely become even more popular. These types of events are designed to combine in-person and online events, without giving preference to either audience. Although these events are often challenging to plan for, they can help you reach a wide range of people while catering to their attendance preferences. 

Regardless of the type of hybrid event you’re planning to put on, it’s important to fully understand what this phrase means. 

In this ebook, you’ll find: 

  • A detailed explanation of what hybrid events are (and what they’re not)
  • An analysis of reasons why hybrid events are highly impactful
  • Different examples of types (categories) of hybrid events
  • Tips for planning, marketing, and finding sponsors for hybrid events