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Sell more tickets, save more time, make more money.

Set up your event ticket sales in minutes.

How it works

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Built to convert

Branded single-page check-out to move your audience through the buying process faster.

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Get paid directly

Safe and secure payments for your events on your own Stripe account.

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Worldwide support

Your success is our success. We partner with you every step of the way 24/7.

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All in one platform

Add team members with specific roles and access to data within any or all events.

Integrations for better operations

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Sync attendee information for up-to-date email lists.

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Gain insights into event attendee behavior.

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Set up safe, secure payments for your events.

Partnering with you every step of the way to maximize your revenue.

Why choose Events.com?

Upsell Attendees:

Sell merchandise and other items directly within the ticket purchase process.

Empower Attendees:

Allow attendees to make changes like upgrades, downgrades, transfers; for a fee that you set.

Offer Peace of Mind:

Ticket insurance for your attendees to purchase increasing revenue and adding security.

Spread the Word:

Attendees can invite their friends with our refer-a-friend feature built into the purchase process.

Activate Affiliates:

Tracking tools that allow promoters to sell on your behalf.

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The easiest tools to manage your event, before, during, and after.

From mobile and on-site check to real-time event analytics and world class customer support, manage everything you need once your event has gone live.

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All the data you need at your fingertips.

Generate custom reports and access valuable insights. With Events.com reporting features, you can get the information you need to make better, faster decisions for your event.

Events.com custom reports

Starting at
USD Per Paid Ticket
(free events are always free)

Transparent and affordable pricing.

Unlock Affordable Success: Discover the Transparent Pricing of Events.com.

Frequently asked questions

Sell tickets on Events.com for competitive pricing, a user-friendly platform, secure transactions, time saving and money making features, and direct customer support.

Yes! All free ticketed events cost you nothing.

Yes, you can sell merchandise and other ticket add ons easily in the ticket/registration check-out flow.

Our pricing is tiered based on ticket price. Please see our pricing page to learn more.

We support events from small activities to large music festivals. Our platform is mainly used by food and beverage events, festivals, concerts, endurance events and more.

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