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Your digital marketing all in one place.

Events.com marketing helps you easily distribute your event across multiple digital marketing channels and gain brand awareness in just a few clicks.

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Listings on our event calendars

Events.com Discover

Improve discoverability and boost brand awareness by adding your event to Events.com Discover, where event discovery happens for millions or people.
By searching events based on location, date, category, and keywords, event attendees are able to discover events in their area or areas of interest.

Events.com Discover Free Listings
Events.com Discover Free Listings

Events are displayed in chronological order on Events.com Discover, where event attendees explore events by location and interests.

Events.com Discover Featured Listings
Events.com Discover Featured Listings

Events are boosted to the top of the calendar in the cities
you select for $5 a day per location.

Events.com Calendar Network with Premier Listings, Boosted Listings and Free Listings
Events.com Calendar Network with Premier Listings, Boosted Listings and Free Listings

Calendar Network

A event listing created on Events.com Discover is automatically added to a collection of news and media websites with event calendars that are powered by Events.com. These calendars display events happening in specific regions or categories.

Events.com Calendar Network Free Listings

Events are displayed in chronological order.

Events.com Calendar Network Boosted Listings

Events will be featured in the Upcoming Popular Events section of the partner calendar in the local area of your event location for $5 a day.

Events.com Calendar Network Premier Listings

Events are featured in a large ad spot inside of the Upcoming Popular Events Section on partner calendars you choose for a fee.

Digital Marketing Ads

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

In a few clicks, Events.com digital marketing campaigns will promote your event to the right people. Your events are automatically advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Google and more to an audience targeted perfectly based on geography, interests, and affinity.

Events.com Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Events.com Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Events.com Social Media Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Icons
Events.com Social Media Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Icons
Animation displaying events.com social media multi-channel marketing campaigns on various social media platforms

How it works

Select your digital channels

Our platform makes creating ads easy using details from your event listing, cities you want to target, and budget spend. Simply choose the digital channels you want to advertise on and we handle the rest.

We create the ad

We pull images and copy from your event details to create a tailored ad for your event, saving you time while ensuring your event is effectively promoted. In order to get your upcoming event in front of the right people, we build unique audiences with similar interests in the cities you select.

Campaign is managed & optimized by us

Our team manages and optimizes your ad during the duration of your campaign so you can sit back and focus on organizing your event.

Track your campaign performance

Access your dashboard and get a clear view of how your campaign and event are performing with accurate stats and data from all channels in real-time.

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Frequently asked questions

Adding your event to the Events.com calendar boosts SEO, increases visibility on local news and media sites, reaching millions worldwide.

To add your event is free, to be a featured event costs as low as $5 a day per city per event.

You will login and see the analytics of your campaigns in a dashboard from within your account.

We use the image you added when you posted your event along with your event details to create the ad.

You can choose the channels you promote your event on and choices include Facebook, Instagram, Google, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and the Events.com Network.

Our Partner Network of calendars are viewed by millions of people worldwide! Adding your event to Events.com Calendar Network boosts visibility, attracts more attendees, and provides broader marketing reach.

Yes, you can create one universal campaign for your event and choose individual budgets for each channel.

Yes, all unpaid event listings are listed in chronological order on the calendars

Upgrade your event marketing strategy.

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