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Event Management Software

Set up an event in minutes, connect your payment account, and start selling tickets, registrations, and merchandise today.

The latest event technology
at your fingertips.

Built to Convert

Move your audience through the buying process faster, from any device. Drive awareness and conversion with proven tools.

Custom Landing Pages

Build an event page that matches your brand. Display videos, images, and social media feeds.

Data and Analytics

Generate custom reports and access valuable insights. Get the information you need to make better, faster decisions.

Functionality that Scales

Get the features and functionality to serve any kind of event—from the simple to the complex; festivals to 5Ks; first-time to 25th annual; and everything in between.

Continual Enhancements

Benefit from regular updates and enhancements that are fueled by innovation, industry expertise, and customer feedback.

World-Class Support

Your success is our success. We partner with you every step of the way from start to finish.

Exceptional solutions
for event organizers.

Build landing pages, track ticket sales, and manage all the moving pieces of your event. We designed our platform with your needs in mind.

Simple Fee Structure
Easy Onboarding
24/7 Support

Power to the event

Our event management software gives event
goers more options and more flexibility. Keep
delighting your customers with Events.com.


Upgrades & Transfers


Upgrades & Transfers


Ticket Insurance


Ticket Insurance


Referral Discounts


Referral Discounts

Mobile apps for


Drive sales with Events.com EverySale, our point of sale app for tickets, merchandise, and more.

On-Site Check-In

Improve operations with our on-site check-in app. Check in attendees, control merchandise pick-up, and collect waiver signatures.

The best integrations
for better operations.

Gain insights into
event attendee behavior.

Set up safe, secure
payments for your events.

Sync event information
for up-to-date attendee email lists.

Elevate the event experience.

Software solutions for your event.
Unforgettable experiences for your attendees.