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How do I see past remittance amounts for each bank account?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:25AM PST

When you’re set up for a Direct Deposit with Events.com we provide you with different tools to reconcile and verify the activity of your event. For a quick reference, you can view a list of all the past remittances of your organization by bank account.

1. Log In to your Events.com account.

2. Make sure you are seeing your organization data, select PAYMENT SUMMARY.

3. You will see a chart of your Current Remittance Amount with a line for each account that you’ve associated with your organization. To see a more detailed history, click SHOW HISTORY.

4. You can also use filters to pull specific data such as time zone, payment account, and specific dates. We also offer date ranges allowing you to do a more refined search between two specific dates.

5. Clicking SHOW HISTORY will display the last 6 remittance amounts. To see more, you can click LOAD MORE.

Note: Numbers reflect Direct Deposit payments only and within the Events.com standard remittance cycle.

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