Simple. Powerful. Complete.


Super easy to use from self serve to large rush events

Registration and Ticketing

Simple or Advanced

Create an event quickly if it's simple or complex. Dive into advanced features for the more complex events


Choose between registrations or tickets whatever works best for your event

Pricing Tiers

Change the ticket/registration pricing based on inventory or dates

Attendee Restrictions

Control restrictions on tickets/registration such as age, gender, etc

Custom Form Questions

Add custom form questions to your buyer and attendee forms

Conditional Questions

Display questions based off of your attendee's answers

Attendee Purchases

Offer attendee specific items such as T-shirts, parking passes, wave times, etc

Buyer Purchases

Include extra items for the Buyer of the order to purchase...such as a hat


Create and manage "Teams" (Groups, Schools, etc)

Email Confirmation

Send a customized email to people attending your event

Custom Confirmation

Display a custom message to your attendees when they register

Attendee Insurance

Provide optional attendee insurance for your attendees in case "life happens "and they can't attend your event

Post-Purchase Options

Allow your attendees to manage their order themselves, to save valuable administrative time

Change Registration/Ticket

Allow the ability for your attendees to change their ticket or registration type


Specify taxes for the event's registrations/tickets and purchases

Promo Codes

Promote your event by setting up promo-codes for your tickets/registrations

Add Event URL

Include your event URL to draw attention to your website


Set up payments for your events using the secure Stripe payment gateway

Multi-User Account

Add user roles to your Organization so multiple people can work on your event

Free Events

Create a free event and you and your attendees pay no fees

Mobile First

Give your event goers a seamless mobile experience that leads to conversions

Multi-Quantity Discount

Set a discount based on how many registrations are purchased


Enable the ability for people to transfer their registration to someone else

Access Code

Create an access code so only certain individuals can access your event

Attendee Management

Manage attendee registrations and orders including; canceling, refunding and changing information

Copy Event

Copy an existing event easily with just one click

Branding and Design

Color Schemes

Choose colors that match your Event's brand and look and feel


Select from our specialized templates that makes your event page shine

Social Integration

Display your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds on your event page

Email Branding

Add color schemes and banner images to your attendee emails

Banner Image

Choose a beautiful banner image to bring out your event's personality

Event Location Map

Displays your event location using our google maps integration


Include videos and live feeds using YouTube on your event page


Provide a quality experience for disabled people with our accessibility standards


CrowdRise Integration

Connect with CrowdRise in a simple seamless flow

Integrated Donations

Set up your CrowdRise donations for people to donate during registration or ticket purchases

Seamless Fundraising

Enable registrants to fundraise for specific charities while registering

Marketing and Promotional Tools


Send special invitations to VIPs, sponsors, staff, etc with a unique link

MailChimp Integrations

Sync your event information with your MailChimp account

Refer-A-Friend Tool

Boost your sales, with a proven 34% conversion rate when using this tool

Resend Confirmation Email

Resend your attendees confirmation email before the event as a reminder

Social Integration and Sharing

Display feeds and share through multiple social channels on your event page

Discount/Promo Codes

Incentivize people to purchase by using our flexible promo codes tool

Search and Discovery

Set your event to public so people can discover your event on

Designed to Convert

Increase your conversion with a single page, ad-free registration form

Multi-Quantity Discount

Expand attendance by providing discounts on multiple registrations/tickets in one order

Payment Options

Direct Deposit

Have your event payments go directly into your bank account

Get Paid 2x a Month

Get paid instantly on the 3rd and 18th of the month


Stripe aims to expand internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business

No Money Hold

Receive 100% of your money, as we do not hold your funds like other providers

Flexible Refunds

Refund your attendees in multiple flexible ways

Simple Payment Processing

Obtain order payments through using our secure payment processing

Credit Card Acceptance

Accept your orders with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards


Download and save all transactional order information

Multiple Currencies

Set up and transact in currencies that apply to your organization and events


Specify taxes for the event's registrations/tickets and for purchases

Fee Choices

Chose to include fee in the price or pass it to the attendee

Reporting and Analytics

Organization Level Reports

Create reports and view data from all of your events under one organization

Event Level Reports

Dive deep into an array of your event's pre-defined reports

Customizable Reporting

Create custom reports to get exactly what you're looking for

24 Hour, Up-to-Date

Know how your event is doing NOW with our constantly updated data

Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking code

Promo Code Reporting

Get a quick snapshot of your 5 best performing codes, or see them all

Clean UI and Visual Graphs

Decipher data easily with our simple design and intuitive graphs

Registration Summary

View a breakdown of each registration/ticket type statistics

Purchase Summary

Evaluate your revenue and inventory for all of your up-sell options


Analyze user info (demographics, locations, traffic sources and page views)

Custom Filtering

Filter custom data views, so that you can view your data the way you want it

Payment Transaction

Balance payment details and remittance amounts for your Organization


Agile Technology

Continually developing an agile product where we can easily add new capabilities

Open API Platform

Providing a fully robust RESTful API, that allows for custom registration, data access, and more

AWS Backend

Handling events of any size, we provide a fully scalable platform

Multiple Languages

Enabling the set up your event in as many languages as you need

Multiple Currencies

Set up and transact in currencies that apply to your organization and events

Day-of-Event Tools

Check In Attendees

Use our Event Assistant App to easily check in your attendees

Real-Time Data

Check your data at any time with continuously updated information

RFID Integrations

Track attendees and manage payments by using our RFID solutions

Race Bibs

Manage bibs through our platform and Event Assistant App

Barcode and QR Scanner

The check-in app offers scanning capabilities for barcodes and QR codes


Grant timer specific user roles for easy reporting and data management

Selfie Check-In

Guarantee your attendee's identity by using our selfie check-in

Support Services

Up-to-Date Center

Reference our evolving Help Center to see our latest features and help articles

Organizations & Event Goers

Contact us! Our customers and their attendees are our number one priority

Continuous Support

Partnering with you every step of the way, from event setup through post event day

Support Services

Let us help you with our event day expertise and best practices

Multi-Lingual Support

Rest assured we support you with our in-house multi-lingual support experts

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