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Custom Targeting

Our targeting goes well beyond traditional digital ads! We build a custom audience for your event based on user location, purchasing behaviors, search patterns and more.

Simple Execution

Let us handle the details. Your campaigns are designed, launched and managed by your dedicated account manager.

  • People who live in San Diego
  • Men and women age 21-50
  • People who purchase craft beer
  • People who are foodies
  • People who search for festivals

Packages to Fit Your Event

All packages are month-to-month with no setup fees! You will have a dedicated account manager to design, build and launch your campaigns. No hassle!


Small events

Estimated impressions:

30K - 40K

Estimated People Reach:

20K - 30K

Estimated Traffic to Registration:

300 - 400



Medium Events

Estimated impressions:

120K - 150K

Estimated People Reach:

80K - 100K

Estimated Traffic to Registration:

1,200 - 1,500



Large events

Estimated impressions:

240K - 300K

Estimated People Reach:

160K - 200K

Estimated Traffic to Registration:

2,400 - 3,000


  • Promote and Market to Everyone!

Our MOBILE FIRST design helps both you and your attendees. They can register from a phone quickly, while you check your event's data.

MailChimp Integration

Sync all attendee information with your MailChimp account.

Promo Codes

Attract more attendee sign-ups by creating promo-codes

Social Integration

Connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage users

Multi-Quantity Discounts

Encourage attendees to sign up in groups to receive a discount

Our REFER-A-FRIEND tool has been proven to convert 34% of referrals...which means more sales!

Have a complex event, or want to hear more about our product's many features? We would love to talk!