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Events.com to Events Everywhere

It’s time for YOU to cash in on the trillion-dollar ‘experience economy’ with an open API platform
Millennials are scheduled to inherit $24 trillion over the next 12 years. What are they spending it on? Events.

Revenue from software powering the ‘experience economy’ has grown 11% YOY and is projected to hit $14B by 2022. Now, Events.com is giving event organizers new tools to snag a much bigger piece of that trillion dollar pie. The Events.com platform handles the entire event kit and kaboodle from ticketing and registration to marketing, sponsorship and more. To date, Events.com has gained the praise of more billionaire investors than Buffet’s Country Club.

The reason? They’re disrupting the entire events ecosystem

Events.com helps companies make the most of their events — and maximize revenue. It’s much more than just ticketing; it’s an open API event software platform tailored to make your event even more successful.
Increase event revenue by 15%+ through streamlined sponsorship management, ticket processing, merch sales, email deployment, social media marketing campaigns and more.

Organizers can now even power their own secondary markets: When attendees want to transfer tickets, there’s no need for them to hope and pray on Craigslist. Attendees can simply log in to Events.com to manage their transfers or make registration changes with plug-and-play ease — scalpers, consider yourselves disrupted.

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