5 Ways to Support the Event Community

Events bring people together, strengthen communities, and provide opportunities to create lasting memories. During these unprecedented times when social distancing is forcing many events to reschedule or even cancel, it’s more important than ever to support each other, because events also pay the bills. Like folks in many other industries, many of the people who make events happen don’t have the option to work from home.

The event ecosystem is so much bigger than the event producers and ticketing companies. When you buy a ticket or register for an event, your purchase trickles down and around to impact the lives of many, many people—from the artists on the stage or the walls to the ones behind the scenes, from lighting designers to race timers, from all the vendors to all the venues, from food service teams to cleaning crews, from sponsors to security, and so many others.

Every one of these individuals do their part to make sure that you, the event attendee, has the best possible experience. We are all facing uncertain times and each of us is making concessions to safeguard our health, wellbeing, and livelihoods. Many event makers are struggling with difficult decisions, as altering plans for one event can impact their ability to put on future events, or potentially stay in business all together.

Here’s what you can do support the event community and stay connected:

1. Apply your purchase to a future event

If it does not cause financial strain, consider applying an existing ticket purchase/registration to a future event instead of asking for a refund or buy a ticket/sign up for a future event.

2. Participate virtually

Many events, such as conferences, races, and exhibits, offer a virtual option so you can participate at a safe distance. Consider participating virtually and encourage others to join you!

3. Buy a gift card

Support local venues, restaurants, bars, and other service providers and goods purveyors by buying a gift card now to use at a later date.

4. Keep the community alive

Connect with friends, family, fans, and followers to reinforce your community. Host virtual get-togethers, share playlists of your favorite artists and music festivals, or swap recipes and reading lists.

5. Show your love

What special skills, words of support, or other ways can you share to support your local event community? Reach out and get creative, maybe you can create content or promote these businesses on social media.