5 Must-Haves for Cyclists

Just like the change in seasons, it’s time to shift gears to ensure you’re properly outfitted for your first ride and beyond. These are five must-haves for all cyclists:

  1. Well-fitting Helmet
    This is definitely one piece of equipment you can’t afford to get wrong. Heads come in all different shapes and sizes, so take time finding the right helmet. Learn how to get the right helmet fit here and try one of these road helmets recommended by TotalWomensCycling.com.
  2. Reflective Clothing
    Being easily seen by others while riding is crucial; whether you choose to wear a utilitarian-looking vest or go for a more fashionable jersey. Check out the reflective activewear from illumiNITE which uses all-in-one ink for coverage that is hidden during the day, but revealed at night in the headlights for maximum safety and comfort. 
  3. Bike Shoes
    Unless you’re taking a leisurely ride to grab ice cream, you need shoes designed specifically for bicycling. According to REI.com, cycling shoes are usually paired with a compatible pedal to hold your feet securely on the bicycle. This clipless shoe-pedal combination offers unmatched control with a minimum amount of your pedaling energy lost. Watch their video on how to choose a bike shoe.
  4. Computers/Power meters
    Track your progress and set new goals with a wireless bike computer or power meter. Both are great training tools, with the power meter being the more expensive of the two options. PRECISION by 4iiii Innovations, Inc. runs around $400, while computers like the Cateye Velo Wireless Cycling Computer that measures time, speed, and distance can be purchased for as low as $20.
  5. Bike Dashcam
    Unfortunately, accidents happen and a dashcam can help offer peace of mind. Video can also come in handy if you’re struck by a car.

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