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How do I set up my event check-in flow?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2022 07:17AM PDT

At, we understand that not all events are the same and the tools you may need to manage event day operations may vary from event to event. Because of this, we let you customize the check-in flow in our EveryHere™ App.

1. Log In to the EveryHere™App

2. Choose an event that you would like to set up settings for.

3. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, and then select EVENT SET-UP.

4. The check-in flow can be customized by turning each of the five settings ON or OFF.  By default, all check-in settings are OFF.  We suggest keeping this setting if you don’t need to collect any information from attendees or view attendee information, as this will be the fastest way to complete a check-in.

  • Attendee Details: This setting will display the attendee information that was collected when they signed up for your event.  If they answered any questions, joined a team, or bought additional purchases, the information will be found here.
  • Attendee ID Number: Need to associate a unique number to your attendee during check-in?  Enable this setting to enter in a bib or other unique number.
  • Attendee Selfie: Want to capture an image for each of your attendees?  Enable this setting so that a photo is attached to the attendee information.
  • Waiver E-Signature: If your event has waivers, you can enable this setting to have your attendees review the waivers and provide an e-signature indicating their agreement.
  • Offline Check-In: Learn more about offline check-in HERE

In order to ensure the process your staff and volunteers use while checking in your attendees is the best fit for your event, simply follow the steps below to configure the flow:

  1. Access the app on your device and log in using an account that has access to your organization (any role but Timer or Accountant).
  2. From the Hosting view, select the desired event.  You will be brought to the Event Set-up screen.
  3. Toggle ON any of the steps you’ll need.
  4. Tap DOWNLOAD at the bottom of the screen.
  5. That’s it! You will be brought to the attendee list and be ready to check people into your event.

The app will auto-sync with and other devices in real-time. Any information that you collect during check-in is available on the app and via the Check-In Report on Event Management Platform.

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