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How do I access my event on the Event Assistant App?

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019 01:55PM PST

There are two ways to access your event on the Event Assistant App.

1. Grant access to your organization for each device owner. This will work if your volunteers or staff will all have devices that support the app.

  • ​You can learn how to grant accounts access to your organization HERE.

2. Create a unique account for each device.  This works best if you have dedicated devices to use on event day.

  • It is recommended that valid emails be used to create accounts so that the accounts can be managed.

Pro Tip: You can add an unlimited number of secondary emails to a Gmail account by using “+”.  For example, tester@gmail.com, tester+1@gmail.com, and tester+2@gmail.com can be used to create 3 separate events.com accounts, with emails sent to all accounts will be delivered to the primary account (tester@gmail.com).

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