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What are corporate groups, and how can I use them?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:02AM PST

Have you ever had a corporation or company want to pay for event admission in advance? Or a sponsor? Often it’s because they want to guarantee entry but finalize the attendee details at a later time. With the Corporate Group option, you will be able to give them the opportunity to pay for all their spots up front and allow their attendees to fill in their info later!

The Corporate Group function is quick and easy, with the ability to update the registrants on the order on the fly. You can set them up quickly by following the instructions here: How do I turn on corporate groups?

Enabling the Corporate Group tool will add another option to your ticket buying page, where the group will be able to create a name for their entire party, then they can select a specific number of entries from the available registration /ticket categories. The purchasing page is then easier than ever, showing them the full total of each category to be purchased, while only asking for Buyer name and email although with payment details.

Once the order has been finalized, the buyer will be able to visit the Corporate Group Center to access:

  • Purchased inventory, registered, and open spots.
  • Special invitation links to be copied and sent out to joining members.
  • Event day count down, date and location/map (if applicable).
  • List of registered members (Name, Registration /Ticket Type and Email).

Take advantage of the Corporate Group option today, and give your buyers the opportunity to prepay!

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