3 Best Practices for Festival Guest List Management

Full-On RFID

Consider this technology you MVA – Most Valuable Accessory. We already know that using RFID bracelets at festivals for your attendees is a smart idea, so why not extend the concept to all areas of your operation? Control and fine tune every detail of your access control by:

  • Setting up volunteer RFID bracelets to only allow them access to certain backstage areas on the actual days they volunteer.
  • Tracking special access areas and their capacities at any given time.
  • Offering upgrades to sponsors, delegates, or VIPs by loading benefits like complimentary drinks or special access to their RFID chip.
  • Deactivating an unruly volunteer or vendor’s bracelet.

Smooth Will-Call Operations

Running multiple will-call stations can sometimes be chaotic, especially if you’re relying heavily on the Internet functionally perfectly at all times. A solid system in place that’s not bogged down by a bad connection will allow you to:

  • Speed up your entrance time substantially.
  • Live-track how many guests have checked-in at any given time during the day. This will help you adjust your employee headcount, which could save money and stress.

Smart Food

Feeding your guests can be costly—anywhere from $5 a head to $20 a head and additional meals outside of the agreed contract add up quickly. Plus, distributing individual meal tickets can be a nightmare, and let’s not forget about all the potentially wasted food. This is another great area to use RFID or barcode technology so you can:

  • Track and hopefully eliminate fraudulent, or simply misguided, activity without any awkward apologies.
  • Quickly scan a guest at the entrance of the tent, review their credentials and, in less than a few seconds, be informed about whether they’ve been approved for a meal (or not) during that sitting.

Photo via: Buy the Way

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