3 Things Innovative Event Organizers Are Doing

When the Beatles sang about starting a ‘Revolution’ they were addressing a different kind of event, but the song does raise a couple of good points for the events industry: you need to have a plan and offer real solutions. Here are three calls-to-action innovative event organizers are implementing (and you should, too):

  1. Creating Event Ambassadors
    In the age of social media and review sites like Yelp, word-of-mouth has never been a more valuable commodity. Leverage that for your event by creating social referral programs that empower your attendees to offer discounts and other incentives to their colleagues.
  2. Dialing Back Demographics
    When it comes to demographics, if the label fits (i.e., “Millennial,” “Gen X,” and “Baby Boomers”) organizers have used them to framework their event. Swap audience segmentation for behavioral information: what is the attendees motivation and attitude towards your event? Because no matter the demographic, people want to be spoken to as a person and not a number.
  3. Getting Personal
    People love getting recognized. Whether it’s the barista who remembers your ‘usual,’ or when iTunes suggests a song based on your past purchases, people have come to expect a personal touch. Use this to your advantage by utilizing
    personalization in your email marketing campaigns (e.g., incorporating your attendees’ name in your subject line). Or when they visit your website for a second time, have a “Welcome back…” greeting. Personalization increases the changes attracting and retaining the audience you want! Tell us in the comments what innovative methods you’ve successfully used at your events.

Photo Credit: pcruciatti / Shutterstock.com

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