3 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Conference Promotion

Social media is a great tool when it comes to promoting a conference. But one platform that often gets forgotten is LinkedIn. Here are three ways to use the professional networking site to your advantage:

  1. Promote on Your Company Page
    This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you have a
    LinkedIn Company Page, you should definitely use it for promotion. Be intentional with what you post and bear in mind how it will be beneficial to those reading it. Posting regularly helps keep your event top-of-mind. Content to consider: info on speakers, conference-specific apps, and links to make registration easy.
  2. Send a Personal Message
    Read: not generic or automated. Yes, this route will
    take a little more time, but it should also yield desirable results. Focus on some of the loyal followers that you engage with on a regular basis. Send each a personal invitation or reminder about your event. Address the recipient by his or her name and mention something personal that you’ve talked about so he or she knows you’re being authentic.
  3. Use LinkedIn Groups
    LinkedIn is about creating business connections, so seek out others that are within your industry or your target demographic and join different groups. You should also create your own group to promote your event weekly so that it shows as a current discussion! When commenting in other related groups, mention your own newly formed group, but make sure you’ve been contributing regularly to these groups or else you’ll turn them off by your obvious self promotion.

Photo via: Search Engine Journal

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