5 Event Tools to Help You Plan More Efficiently

A successful event hinges on savvy behind-the-scenes planning. No planner worth his or her salt just shows up and hopes for the best. That’s like letting someone else pack your parachute, jumping out of a plane, and hoping it opens. Make sure your “chute” is properly packed with one of these five event tools that will increase your planning efficiency and lessen your chance of crashing.

  1. Dropbox – Say goodbye to your information sharing struggles with seamless collaboration that gets more done with less stress. Edit a file anywhere, from any device; it’s automatically updated and securely protected from start to finish. Your project will be so in sync that Justin Timberlake will be jealous.
  2. Hootsuite – Create buzz before, during, and after your event. By monitoring multiple social networks from one location, you’ll be able to effectively execute a social media strategy that cuts through the online noise and gets your brand voice heard by your target audience.
  3. MeetingApps.com – Have all the answers you need, right at your fingertips with this handy app finder. Each app has been thoroughly vetted—just search by topic to find apps about destinations, restaurants, and more in just minutes. There are even specific “meeting management” apps that your planning team can use.
  4. Tom’s Planner – Go beyond boring Excel with software that allows anyone to create, collaborate, and share Gantt Charts online with drag and drop simplicity. Manage your projects on-the-go straight from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device… no app required! Sorry, Excel. You had a good run.
  5. Trello – Think of this as Pinterest for businesses. Visually track and organize your projects by dragging and dropping cards onto your board, which allows you to see everything at a single glance. Everyone has access to the same real-time updates, no matter where they are, so there’s no more awkward, “Didn’t you get my email?” conversations.

Now that you are equipped with some necessary go-to tools for your event, it’s time to create your next event on Events.com.