8 Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Your Next Event

Get out of your comfort zone and fuel your creativity by adding guerilla marketing tactics into your traditional marketing mix. Although guerilla marketing may sound like an intense form of marketing, it merely defines a style of marketing that is innovative, undisruptive in your community’s daily lives, unconventional and unique. Guerilla marketing provides great opportunities to create social buzz, raise awareness, and surprise your community by giving them something to talk about. Breakout your notepad and start jotting down any ideas that come to mind with any of these eight guerilla marketing tactics.

1. Interactive ads

Skip the boring and traditional one-way conversation ads many event marketing tactics use. Take this opportunity to go viral with an interactive ad using augmented reality, virtual reality, QR codes, interactive infographics, interactive videos, polls, surveys or assessments. Create an immersive user experience that is sure to leave any viewer spreading the word about your event.

2. Geofilters

Localization has been a major influential factor in connecting an event community with a brand. Give your event goers the connection they deserve by creating custom geofilters that can only be used within a specific geographic location. Whether you’re trying to create a sense of FOMO for all those missing out on your event, or simply giving your event goers that personal brand touch they love, geofilters are an easy guerilla marketing tactic that will raise brand awareness and make your event community feel even more special to be at your event.

3. Pop-up events

Pop-up events are an unexpected way to reach your audience and let people know about a new or upcoming event. Research your target audience to determine the best location for your pop-up. Pop-ups allow you to interact with your event community in a more personal, real-life setting, and helps draw even more attention to event brand.

4. Acts of Kindness

Arguably our favorite guerrilla marketing tactic, an act of kindness, allows your brand to become a part of the community in the best way possible. Bring joy to people’s lives by performing acts of kindness throughout a community and create a personal connection with the people who matter most. Not only is this an amazing way to create memorable impressions that help make the world a better place, it’s also one of the most budget friendly marketing tactics.

5. Temporary street art

Floor murals, wall murals, sculptures, poster art, street installations, video projections and yarn bombing are just a few of the many ways you can get creative when marketing your event with temporary street art. Street art is an embodiment of event guerilla marketing that connects with your event community in an unconventional and undisruptive way. Raise awareness for your brand and add to the culture of your community by intertwining the beauty of street art with your brand.

6. Gamification

We’re thinking of a three letter word that gives people a sense of enjoyed and pleasure. Can you guess what word we’re thinking of? Fun. The idea of gamification as a marketing tactic emphasizes the ‘fun’ aspect of reaching your audience to get your message across. Brands can incorporate gamification in their marketing tactics for both online and offline communities. Examples of gamification include creating online or offline scavenger hunts or implementing gaming aspects into your event app.

7. Giveaways

Did someone say free? You can’t argue the facts, everybody loves free swag. Hosting giveaways online are a great opportunity to raise awareness of your event among your online community. Giveaways are also a golden opportunity to have your current online community spread the word to potential event goers by having them share your social post as a chance to win one of the giveaways.

8. Skywriting

Take your event marketing to the next level (pun intended) by writing a message in the sky. We know this can be costly, so don’t do this unless you have the budget. However, we can’t think of a more direct and memorable way to reach your audience than by having them look up into the sky and see the beauty of skywriting unfold. This is a great opportunity to create social buzz around your event and an easy way to wow your audience.

Get Your Event Going

Now that we’ve given you eight ideas to start planning your event guerilla marketing tactics, we want to hear the ideas you came up with that helped raise awareness for your event.

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