5 Tips for Better Ticket Sales

In a perfect world, people would sign up for your incredible event right away. Your ticket sales would be so brisk that you would have to close registration early because you reached your capacity in record time. Yah. Maybe if you’re selling tickets to Comic-Con that happens. For the rest of the real world, it takes a bit more calculated planning to attract and get people signed up for your event. Try these five tips to get ticket sales of epic proportions:

  1. Set-up a Sell Strategy – View your event registration sales as a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of solely focusing on sales at the beginning and then a big push at the end, develop a creative marketing strategy to sell tickets throughout the life cycle of your event: hold a contest, release exclusive content, or have a flash sale. You’ll get people’s attention and keep your sanity.
  2. Create Custom Promo Codes – Get people interested in your event by using discount codes. Our registration software allows you to customize your codes so that you can get participants signed up quickly and easily. And remember, you want to make this a positive user experience, so opt for words rather than numbers when you create your discount codes. Have fun and be creative!
  3. Give Discounts Early – Consider offering your best discounts earlier so people feel like they’re getting a great deal and don’t be afraid to reward loyalty from repeat customers by offering something extra that ties-in to your event. Create multiple discount codes to rollout throughout the sign-up period to track what works well so you can adjust for future events.
  4. Mix Mobile In – We’ve been talking a lot about mobile lately and for good reason: people are on their mobile devices more than ever. Think about how many times a day you absentmindedly check your devices. Whether people find your page on purpose or by chance, make sure your site is mobile and user-friendly, so they can quickly use the discount code to sign up.
  5. Tap into the Social Scene – Let the social media universe do some of the heavy lifting for you. In our post ‘Events Are Better With Friends,’ we told you how social media is a perfect peer pressure way to get people involved in your event. Use this medium to virtually invite people to attend. Then they can invite their friends and so on and so on.

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