7 Strategies to Step Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is no longer the benchwarmer looking to get into the marketing game—it’s now the marquee player. This means event organizers have to keenly assess the effectiveness of their social media game. Are they playing at an amateur level, or are they putting in the work that’s needed to play in the championship? Check out our seven social media strategies that will help you score a winning social media presence.

  1. Respect the Medium – Say it with us: social media matters. It sounds straightforward, but there are still some clients and organizers that are reluctant to spend “real money” on social media, or take the time to craft a successful strategy. The bottom line is that if you want your brand, your message, or your event to be relevant, you must include social media.
  2. Create an Editorial Calendar – Event organizers are intuitive schedulers and should apply that same calculated approach to social media. Figure out your long-term strategy and then create a social media editorial calendar to help you stay organized, focused on your goals, and communicate more effectively with your audience across all your preferred social media platforms. Dedication and consistency are what build trust and provide value to your desired audience.
  3. Diversify Your Platforms – With numerous social networks available, it’s imperative to find and utilize the platforms that are right for your message/brand/event. Make your plan distinct, detailed, and have defensible reasons for selecting specific social media channels.
  4. Intentionally Interact – Scheduling your social media messages is not enough. You need to interact with your audience in a purposeful way. Remember, social media is a conversation. People appreciate sincerity and transparency.
  5. Maximize the Mobile Experience – Mobile devices are intertwined with our daily routines and easily within reach at any given time. We spend so much time on mobile,, that they are quickly becoming the primary way social content is consumed. Keep in mind while shares and tweets can be easily viewed on mobile devices, the content it’s connected to is equally important for the user experience.
  6. Bring Others Onboard – Embrace collaborative opportunities by making friends with bloggers and other key influencers that tie-in with your social media strategy. A good leader asks for help. That way when you’re planning an event, you can tap into these resources and won’t have to carry the weight of social media all by yourself.
  7. Never Stop Improving – Elite athletes never rest on their laurels and neither should you. Instead as Hootsuite suggests, honestly evaluate what went well in your social media plan and what can be improved. Measure the success of your event and revisit your strategy often as new platforms and technologies emerge.

Social media marketing is key to the success of your event. Set your event up on Events.com and start your social media marketing today.