5 Steps for Event Registration Success

Boost your online event registration by making sure your website is mobile-friendly. Now we know you’re probably thinking, ‘every website is automatically mobile-friendly these days, right?’ While that would be awesome, unfortunately it’s not the case. If you haven’t taken the time to make your site mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on potential business and creating a frustrating experience for the user.

Google gurus have expanded their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Basically this means if Google’s algorithms can find and rank your site, you’re golden, and your site will be placed on a cyber pedestal for all to see. If they can’t, you’ll be banished forever into some dark corner of the Internet. OK. You won’t be banished, but you’ll be harder to find. Think of Google as Yoda, telling you, Luke Skywalker, ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’ Bottom line: If you want people to find you, your site must be mobile-friendly. Use Google’s 5 Steps to guide you on the right path to mobile-friendly success:

  1. Take the Mobile-Friendly Test
  2. Keep Your User in Mind
  3. Find the Right Person to Build It
  4. Watch Your Speed
  5. Reach Out for Support

Don’t go to the dark side. Instead, get on Google’s good side (and make your users happy) by becoming mobile-friendly. Tell us how you’ve made your site mobile-friendly in the comments.

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