Conference Technology: Talking Slides

Click. Hum. Click. Repeat.

These are the sounds that most conference attendees associate with a slide presentation. There has to be a better (and more engaging) way, right? Say hello to Talking Slides.

This UK-based company began as an audio visual supplier to the events industry. Soon, they noticed clients wanted their conferences recorded and live streamed with the content made available online. From there the concept grew into customized and branded websites that allowed speaker content to be accessed on-demand during and after the event, and Talking Slides was born. Some of the standard features include:

  • High Definition (HD) video presentations to capture conference content.
  • Multiple secure or simple website registration options.
  • Simple or detailed audience analytics options.
  • Quick and easy access to conference content on your event’s customized website is live in just 10 days and can be viewed on all devices.

Two of the add-on features focus on live streaming. Choose from either live streaming your presentation to anyone with an Internet connection or go the interactive route and live stream the audiences so they can ask the speaker questions. Since each event website is customized for conference-specific content, Talking Slides can be used to create more sponsorship opportunities. It is an ideal way to give sponsors additional exposure during and after the conference with their logos, branding, links, and product videos throughout the site.

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