Innovative Alternatives for Event Speakers

Tired of the same old event agenda where everything is the status quo ending with one keynote speaker? So are we. We put together a list of six innovative alternatives to event speakers that is sure to turn any event guest into a fired up attendee.

  1. Panels
    What can be better than one event speaker? Multiple event speakers. Panels can be much more engaging than one person simply speaking at an audience. When creating your panel, consider finding experts who can address different interests of your audience. Keeping things interesting should be a high priority of yours and the members on your panel. Structure the conversation for the discussion panel to begin with a brief introduction to the topic that will be discussed, follow-up by introducing each of your panel members, then move into a conversation that begins with the panel members and moves into a two-way discussion with the audience. Don’t forget to always leave some extra time at the end for some good ole fashioned Q&A.
  2. Testimonials
    Nothing drives a point home quite like someone sharing a story from their personal experience. Your audience wants content that is relatable. Give them something to identify with by encouraging your speaker to share their personal story that is related to your event’s topic. If you’re having trouble finding an “expert speaker” with no real testimonials, don’t sweat it. A person giving a testimonial doesn’t have to be an expert speaker or even an expert in the field to have a lasting impact on your audience.
  3. Videos
    TED Talks anyone? If you can’t find the perfect speaker for your event, consider turning to TED Talks for some engaging content. If you’re trying to get even further outside the box than a traditional one-way conversation speaker, consider using animation or graphics, actors, and even select participants to create a video that will bring the message to life and make sure the message or takeaway is expertly executed.
  4. Motivational Speakers
    Bring the spirit of #MotivationMonday to your event (regardless of the day). Pump up your audience with a motivational speaker who can bring light to any situation while providing helpful tips on a range of topics. A motivational speaker can address topics more generally related to your event and can serve as a good pick-me-up as it hits coffee hour.
  5. Create Art
    Sure, there’s the art of speaking, but there are also other ways to express ‘art’. People respond passionately to visuals— theatre, movies and concert are great examples of this. So try hiring professional dancers, musicians, or actors to tell a story. You can even engage the attendees to become part of the activity playing out on the stage.
  6. Workshops
    Learning-by-doing is a proven theory of education. Break away from the typical passive learning at events by creating workshops that gets your attendees thinking, learning, networking and doing.

Break out the drawing board and start planning which innovative event speaker you want at your next event with