Meet The Team – Francisco Almendares

Occasionally we boast that our team’s chemistry is as tight-knit as a big ole Italian family (fact: 60% of our employees have been with us for 2+ years). Francisco Almendares, our VP of Customer Success & Sales Operations, is one of the biggest reasons why. Having joined the company in February 2015, he’s been with us through thick and thin. wouldn’t be the family it is without him.

Francisco is charming but diplomatic. A natural leader. You get the sense that he’s paying careful attention to you even when he’s the one talking. People around the office call him “Cisco” and bring him vegan baked goods in honor of his recent transition to eat more plant-based foods, a tribute to his wife Rebekah and their two children.

Think of Francisco as the mitochondria of, the powerhouse. He can work in so many different departments flawlessly—and he is always eager to help out.

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Aside from being the mitochondria of, tell us what you do here.

As the head of Customer Success for the organization, I operate as the liaison between our client-facing teams and our back-of-the-house. I set up and run our success plays (front & back-end), manage a feedback loop with our clients/users, and more. Also, I serve as evangelist when the market is ready to learn more about our innovative technology and services.

Where are you from?

Guayaquil, Ecuador. I moved here the day I turned 20 then attended San Diego State University.Francisco-Almendares-Family

What’s the most memorable event you ever attended?

1998 Soccer World Cup Final in Paris. My dad surprised me and took me for the entire World Cup. It was incredible in so many ways: my favorite sport, the World Cup final, Europe for the first time, and I got to share it all with my hero. The man I looked up to all my life. I’ll never forget that trip.

What were you doing before joining

Learning about digital marketing technology and strategy at Tealium

What inspired you to join the team?

The vision, the team and the product. Also, having worked at one of the companies Mitch founded, I wanted to be a part of his next endeavor.


What’s the best part of your job?

Creating while collaborating with some of the smartest people in the industry. Also, connecting with the organizers of the experiences that power our world, and influencing how they find success by helping them grow.

What has been your favorite project to work on at

Creating a customer-centric organization; global expansion

What song are you listening to on repeat lately?

Try not to repeat too much. Currently listening to “River” by Leon Bridges

Tell us something your coworkers don’t know about you.

I am crazy with superstitions in sports (specially the soccer team I follow, Emelec). I once watched an entire soccer match while kneeling down (they won 3-1 ;)). I also walked an entire soccer pitch length on my knees, as appreciation for the championship my team (Emelec) had just won. Guess what, we repeated the following year! lol.


Interested in working with Francisco? Check out our open positions on our Glassdoor Page. We’re looking forward to meeting you!