Meet the Team: Shannon Leak

Did you know we have an office in Ottawa, Canada? We do and we’re so proud of our Canadian team. They are some of the most genuine, hardest working people we know. Shannon Leak, our Senior User Success Manager, embodies all of that and more.

Having joined us on Pi(e) Day 3 years ago, Shannon continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet complex client needs and opportunities. With her straightforwardness, she is the type of person that every customer success team needs. Shannon is detailed oriented, proactive and always willing to help.

Keep reading to find out what makes Shannon so awesome to the team.

Tell us what you do here.

Everything customer success related. I assist our clients and our team with troubleshooting, event building, problem solving and executing solutions. I love exploring and pushing the limits to find the best results.

Where are you from?

Born in Halifax NS, raised in Moncton NB. I’ve been lucky enough to visit most of Canada, and am proud to call Ottawa home. I attended Carleton University in Ottawa.

What’s the most memorable event you ever attended?

Madonna’s Drowned World Tour. She’s an idol of my brother’s and I was so excited he took me (Thanks Mum!). The concert was fantastic, but the planning, the travel and the people were just as much the adventure. It was overall, a really fun time and we now attend events at least once a year together.

What were you doing before joining

I was working in events, finance, coordination and social media. All of these roles, and my experience have given me the insight to understand many different angles of this job. I’ve always had an interest in seeing things through and it’s wonderful to work in a place that encourages ownership.

What inspired you to join the team?

I love working with people! I was really excited to work in the fast paced events industry while delivering top notch support.


What’s the best part of your job?

Working with so many people and so many events. You get insight into different places, different types of events, venues and activities. It’s really exciting to feel a part of something big and know that you’re adding to the experiences of thousands of people.

What has been your favorite project to work on at

The OCR World Championships, the only independent global championships for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. This team works hard and produces a challenging, unique event full of heart. Adventurey is a prestigious organization, constantly defining the best in their industry and strengthening an amazing community. I’ve had the absolute pleasure learning about their event, and supporting them remotely through the year and in person onsite.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled?

Wales! I’m half Welsh, and have had the opportunity to meet some distant family. It’s also a country rich in history, with many beautiful castles. There’s so much to see! I simply love travel – Canada, handful of States, Australia, Taiwan, London, Wales, Spain, Thailand and The Philippines. I hope to never stop.

What song are you listening to on repeat lately?

Post Malone, Swae Lee – Sunflower

Tell us something your coworkers don’t know about you.

I kill it on the dance floor! I’m an extremely analytical person, which in a job full of details is a huge asset. But to be in that moment, to dance like no one’s watching, it’s one of the few times I shut my brain off.


Interested in working with Shannon? Check out our open positions on our Glassdoor Page. We’re looking forward to meeting you!