Throwing a Memorable Conference After Party

When attendees are choosing which conference to spend their time and money, it’s not just the speaker lineup that gets their attention; it’s also the after party. Because at the end of a long day of sessions, attendees are looking to unwind and socialize. Here are five ways you can throw a conference after party that leaves a lasting impression:

  1. Keep it Relaxed. Most after parties are only a few hours, so this is not the time to pack the schedule with activities attendees feel they have to participate in. And do not book more speakers.
  2. Take it Off-Site. If possible, make the after party at a separate location so that attendees feel like they’re going someplace special. Also, make sure you provide transportation options for your attendees to get there… and back!
  3. Show Some Personality. Incorporate local charm: does your city have an interesting quirk or is it known for a certain dish? Now is the chance to let that shine. Example: VentureScape
  4. Hire Appropriate Entertainment. No matter your budget size, there should be some form of entertainment that not only appeals to your attendees, but is suitable for your conference theme and demographics.
  5. Have Defined Spaces. All attendees are not created equal. Some will gravitate toward the action, while others will look for a quieter space where they can kick-back and socialize. Example: Dreamforce hosted by Salesforce.

Photo Credit: AdRoll

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