Top 8 Quotes from Ask An Event Pro 2015

We had a lot of amazing guests on for our Ask An Event Pro series in 2015, from Courtney Jordan of Tough Mudder to John Malfatto of Color Me Rad. Here are the top 8 insights we learned from the industry experts we interviewed:

  1. “A race director is not in the business of micromanaging, you’ve got to trust the people around you.” Rick Nealis, Marine Corps Marathon on race day safety
  2. “Timing is the most important aspect of running a successful social media contest.” Michelle Kempton, Maritime Race Weekend on social media for your event
  3. “We’ve thought through every iteration of could, should, and might happen.” Craig Crossley, Color Fun Fest on designing a successful event experience
  4. “The real feedback happens at the event.” Courtney Leonard, Mountain Sports International on gathering feedback on your event
  5. “The most effective marketing tactic is word of mouth.” John Malfatto, Color Me Rad on marketing your event
  6. “Taking care of your volunteer team is key. Make sure they have a great experience.” Jonathan Pauley, Renegade Racing on diversifying your event portfolio
  7. “It’s about finish lines, not finish times.” Stacy Chesnutt, Sole Sisters on optional race timing
  8. “There’s no such thing as a perfect event.” Lee Corrigan, Corrigan Sports on marketing your event

For more insights and to view the full videos, check out this YouTube playlist.

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