What’s New On Events.com

Here at Events.com, we’re adding innovative new features to our event management platform to make your event planning process simpler and more efficient. Check out 3 of our latest features to better help you manage, market, and monetize your event:

Set It & Forget It Pricing

The typical rule of thumb is to open your registration with the lowest price to encourage early registration. But when do you increase prices? Having set dates can be a good way, but what about basing it on inventory? If you are almost sold out, why not increase to your highest tier to ensure you are maximizing your income potential? Either way, we can help.

Set It And Forget It Pricing

With two ways to set up price increases for your tickets or registrations, you have the flexibility to decide how you want to plan your price changes (increases or decreases – whatever you need). Whether it’s by a set date and time or once you’ve hit a certain number of registrations, we’re here to help you monetize your event and reward those early birds!  And if you need to, you can always update a price on the fly.

Teams Done Right

Teams are a great way to add value and increase excitement around your event. After all, events are more fun with friends (or family, co-workers, and cool strangers).

Teams Done Right

We have designed our teams tool to empower you to create team settings for your event based on your needs (not a generic, rigid formula) – whether your event supports relay teams, corporate or charity teams, or just a bunch of friends participating together.  You can set team minimums and maximums, allow team captains to set team passcodes, and team participation required or optional. Along with that, we provide helpful tools for you and the team captain to manage teams once everyone’s signed up.

Add-On PurchasesAdd On Purchases

Getting event goers to register is just one step on the path to monetizing your event – you can also increase the total cart value of each registration by selling additional items during the registration flow. We’ve made it simple and easy to add additional items to your event and support the ability to track inventory and sales.  You can offer “included” items at no cost or set a price – we’re flexible. We’ve also built a feature to upload images to make your items more enticing in the registration flow.

Love these features or have any suggestions for new ones we should add? Drop us a line at hello@events.com!