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Activity Filtering

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2021 11:08AM PDT

We have powerful features to allow you to select which activities may qualify for your event or race. Some properties are configured on event level, whereas others are configured per race (within those events). Please make sure to configure all options before your virtual event or challenge starts as changing the rules during the challenge will be confusing to participants.

Manual Entries – You can either allow or disallow manual entries on Event level. When this option is disabled only activities from our auto-sync connections plus gpx files may qualify for the event. This might be useful if you require proof of a result and don’t want people to manually enter data which might allow people to cheat.

Average Speed/Pace Validation – Optionally you can enable average speed/pace validation on Event level. When this option is enabled the average speed/pace of an activity must be within ‘reasonable’ limits in order to qualify for an event. Please note that enabling requires participants to enter a duration for their activity (as the speed/pace would be unknown otherwise).

Activity Type Based Filtering

For each race you can set which activity types may qualify for a race. As you can have multiple races per event you can have a separate run race and a separate walk race.

The possible values are:

  • Any activity type: all are allowed
  • Run: run and threadmill
  • Walk: walk
  • Bike: indoor and outdoor cycling
  • Swim: swimming
  • Run&Walk: runs and walks

Please note that when a filter is selected and participants use auto-sync from Garmin, Strava or Fitbit their activities may not count when they have selected the wrong activity type when they started their workout. E.g. when you accidentally start a rowing activity on your Garmin when you go for a run it will not qualify for a Run race.

Optional – you can configure whether you allow activities to count from before joining a virtual event. This can be useful to prevent situation where someone joins and quickly loads a full week of activities to jump up to the top of a leaderboard.

This option is available on Event level. The value 0 has a special meaning as that indicates from before joining the event may not count at all. Especially for manual entries this might confuse participants when they select the day of joining the event and do not enter a time of day (as that will default to midnight). Those activities will not count when this option is set.

Activity Distance Based Filtering

For each race you can configure a minimum and a maximum allowed distance for activities to qualify. There are a few use cases for this option, most importantly it’s used for time challenges on a specific distance.

Other Filters

You can optionally set a minimum elevation gain filter on race level.

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