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What are some email guidelines to increase deliverability?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:28AM PST

Events.com gives every event the ability to send up to 10,000 emails every 24 hours. Sending invitations with high bounce or spam rates may cause Events.com to revoke email privileges from an organization.  This is because mailings with high bounce or spam rates reduce the likelihood that mailbox providers (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) will deliver future emails sent by users of Events.com.

It is nearly impossible to ensure 100% inbox delivery of emails. However, the likelihood of inbox delivery increases significantly by following anti-spam laws, guidelines and email best practices. events.com does our part to increase inbox deliverability of your invitations, and we expect that you do your part by following our Email Guidelines.

Events.com expects our users to follow these email guidelines or risk being blacklisted (having email privileges revoked):

  • Follow all relevant anti-spam laws. Learn more here
  • Use clean, permission-based lists of people that have opted to receive emails from your organization. Note, signing up for a previous event is a valid opt-in method
  • Do not send to known invalid email addresses
  • Include recipient’s first name if you have it, so that we can personalize the “To:” field of the email
  • Don’t send to role accounts such as info@domain.com or help@domain.com
  • Send emails to your list semi-regularly so that they remain familiar with your brand

If you leverage the features of an Email Service Provider, such as MailChimp, we recommend that you follow these best practices to maintain a clean list:

  • Maintain one list for your organization
  • Segment your list to targeted audiences so that you aren’t sending too many emails and recipients will engage with your content
  • Regularly clean your list and remove emails that are not delivered due to a hard bounce or invalid email
  • Track engagement with your mail, such as open and click rates.  Remove emails that are not engaging with your mail
  • Re-confirm your list if it has been more than 6 months since they heard from you
  • Cross-reference a list from events.com with your main list to remove invalid and disengaged subscribers

Events.com wants your emails to be delivered.  We do the following to keep the delivery of your invitations high:

  • Provide an opt-out for recipients. Users can unsubscribe from emails from your organization sent through events.com.
  • Use a relevant subject line for Invitations: “You’re now Invited to “
  • Use your organization as the “From Name”, so that your brand is front-and-center
  • Personalize the “To” field in the email if you provide a first name for the recipient
  • Include our mailing address and privacy policy in the email
  • Do not allow the upload of invalid email addresses that do not follow a standard format
  • Format the email with relevant content that does not resemble spam
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