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How do I add conditional questions to my form?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:20AM PST

Asking conditional questions is a great way to collect more specific information about your attendees. A conditional question is a clarifying question that is created based on the response to a previous question.

Example of a conditional question flow:
Question: “Are you a club member?”. If the attendee responds “yes”, an additional question will appear: “what is your membership number?”. If the attendee responds “no”, then no further question will appear.

This feature is available when adding a Dropdown question.

1. Log In to your account.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your organization data. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and find the event for which you want to add conditional questions.

3. Go to EVENT DETAILS, and select Form Questions.

4. At the bottom of the page select the ADD QUESTION buttonThen select Dropdown.

5. Create the initial Dropdown question and create as many answers choices as you need be selecting ADD CHOICE.

6. Click the Add option next to the answer for which you wish to add a conditional question. You can choose a multi-select question, a dropdown question or a text response.

7. Finally, add the additional clarifying question and press SAVE.

Pro Tip: Now, when an attendee answers Yes to the initial question – the sub question will appear. You can add a sub-question to each of the initial response for a more detailed understanding of your participants. If needed you can restrict to numbers only, or a certain amount of characters.

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