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How do I add Other Stuff to my order?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:12AM PST

Note: The event organizer will need to turn this feature on for their event. We suggest reaching out to them directly if it does not appear that they offer this option.

So you decided you want to buy that hat after all? Or shuttle, or shirt, or that special thing the event is selling… As the Buyer, you can easily into your order to add Other Stuff after you have completed your order with these simple steps!

1. Log In to your account and go to MY EVENTS

2. Find the event that you are going to, and click VIEW ORDER

3. If you have not already purchased some Other Stuff, you will see an ADD OTHER STUFF button that will lead you to the purchase page.

If you had already purchased Other Stuff, you will see an ADD OTHER STUFF button on the top right corner of the Other Stuff section, that will take you to the purchase page. 

4. Select your items, enter in your payment information and click SUBMIT ORDER to complete your purchase. 

Your order is now complete and you will be able to see your purchases on your MANAGE EVENT page!

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