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How do I allow my attendees to transfer their registration/ticket to another person?

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2020 06:06AM PST

As an event organizer, giving your event goers the ability to transfer their Registration/Ticket to another person can significantly reduce your workload. Events.com makes it easy to control and tailor this ability based on YOUR needs. Here’s how to do it!

1. Log In to your Events.com account.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your organization data. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and choose the event for which you want to enable transfers.

3. Next, go to EVENT DETAILS in the left side navigation and select Settings.

4. Open Post-Registration Options for Attendees by clicking the + to the the right.

5. You will see the option to Allow event goers to transfer their registration/ticket to another person. Toggle this to YES.

6. Select the categories that you want to allow event goers to be able to transfer their registrations from. For any categories that you do not select, event goers will not be able to transfer to other individuals, from that category. Registration/Ticket categories must also be open, visible and available for registration in order for event goers to access the feature. You can also specify a date range if you want to limit when transfers are enabled.

7. If you intend to charge a transfer fee, toggle this on and select the amount you want to charge. And if applicable you can choose to charge tax. 

8. Press Save and voilà you’re done. 

Please note: Attendee Protection does not transfer to the new attendee. The new attendee will have a chance to purchase their own Attendee Protection when they accept the transfer.

A flat fee of $2.95, and the order processing fee will apply to the transfer fee.

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