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How do I change my registration/ticket type?

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2019 01:51PM PDT

As an event goer there are times when you may want to change the type of ticket or registration that you have purchased. You signed up for the half-marathon, but are now ready to tackle the full marathon. Or, maybe you bought a regular ticket but now want to upgrade to the VIP package. makes the process easy and seamless. Note: to access this feature you must be listed as the Buyer of the registration/ticket type (you are the person who made the purchase).

Here’s how to make the change in a few steps:

1. The event organizer needs to enable the ability for Event Goers to change their registration type in your registration type. Be sure to check their website to ensure changes are allowed for your registration/ticket type.

2. Log In to 

3. Wait for your MY EVENTS tab to load. 

4. Find the Event Registration Tab you wish to manage and select VIEW EVENT.

5. Find the registration/ticket that you would like to change. Select MANAGE REGISTRATION or MANAGE TICKET and Change Registration (or Ticket).

6. Next, you will be able to select the new category you want. Note: You will only be able to select categories that have space available, are open for registration/purchase and that have been permitted by the organizer. Select the one you want and Continue.

7. You will now need to complete the information required by the organizer for the new category. Any Required Items from you previous entry will also be cancelled and require addition to your new order.

8. To finalize the change, you will be credited the amount previously paid, and, if there is a balance owing, you will need to complete payment.

9. Submit Order and voilĂ  you’re all set! You will receive a confirmation email and be able to manage the new registration category.

Please note: Downgrades will not result in a refund. All refund requests should be made directly to the event organizer in accordance to their policies.

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