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How do I contact the event organizer?

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2023 07:59AM PST is a self serve event management platform designed to assist event organizers. Event organizers handle all aspects of their events, including questions. Here are the best ways to find an event organizer’s contact so you can message them your questions directly.

Please note: Many organizers only provide an email as their contact. You may need to wait for a response but most organizers are working diligently to stay connected with their attendees!

1. Your order confirmation email

When you open your confirmation email there is a section near the top providing you with the contact for the event you registered for. You can use the email listed to reach out to the organizer directly.

2. Using the Event Page contact form

As soon as you’re on the Event Page, scroll down to the bottom to the ORGANIZED BY box and click Send us a message

This will open a pop up contact form for you to fill in your information and it will be sent to the organizer directly on your behalf.

3. Contact

While we are not directly associated with the event, we can help you locate their contact information. Please email our help desk at, we’ll do our best to connect you with your event organizer. Please include:
The event name
Your name and email (if emailing from a different email address then you registered with)
Your order number

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