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How do I contact the event organizer?

Last Updated: May 6, 2021 09:01AM PDT is a self serve event management platform. As our organizers handle all aspects of their events directly, any event specific questions should be sent to them directly.

The best ways to find the event organizers contact are to open your confirmation email, send them a message through their registration/ticketing page (the one you ordered from) or you can contact us directly to help you find it.

Please note: Many organizers only provide an email as their contact. You may need to wait for a response but most organizers are working diligently to stay connected with their attendees.

1. Your order confirmation email

When you open your confirmation email there will be a section near the top providing you with the contact for the event you registered for. You can use the email listed to reach out to the organizer directly.

TIP: When messaging an organizer, we recommend including information about your order as well as your request. It’s helpful if you use the same email that you used while ordering.

2. Using the Event Page contact form (Must return to the Event Page)

There are three ways through to get back to the organizer’s event page to use the contact form – using the link within your confirmation email; searching within; or using the link in your consumer portal.

In your confirmation email, scroll to the bottom:

If you’re on, click Browse Events in the top menu at any time. Or on certain pages, you’ll see a search field. Or click HERE for to be taken directly to our search. You have two fields for your search – What and Where? You can enter in the event name and click GO! to find your event. We recommend doing this for more specific results.

If it’s your first time logging into your consumer portal we recommend following these steps to Sign Up – How do I create an account?

As soon as your events have loaded, find the one that you want to contact. Click the event name to be taken to the registration page.

Alternatively, organizer’s usually have the registration linked through their own website and social media. You would find this going to their website.

As soon as you’ve returned to the Event Page, scroll down to the bottom to the Organized By box and click Send us a message

This will open a pop up contact form for you to fill in your information and it will be sent to the organizer directly on your behalf.

3. Contact

While we are not directly associated with the event, we can help you locate their contact information. Please email our help desk at, we’ll do our best to connect you with your event. Please include:
The event name
Your name and email (if emailing from a different email address then you registered with)
Your order number

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