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How do I pay my second installment before the due date?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 09:55AM PST

If you signed up for an event to pay in installments, your original payment information will be used for the second payment as the default. But if you want to have it charged to a different card, or need another attempt processed after a failed transaction you can update or re-enter your payment information with these simple steps:

1. Log In to your account with the email used for your order.

2. In the top left of the page select MY EVENTS.

3. Find the event card for your installment, and select View Order to open up your order.

4. While in the settings for your order, you can view the payments made, which include the down payment, and final payment. (Here it will show If the down payment is paid, pending, or past due.)

5. At the bottom you will see the fees, total, paid, and owing. There will be a highlighted option to click called View Final Payment Options.

6. The Final Payment Options give you the option to Pay Now with the existing card, or you can enter in a new card number and then click Pay Now. If you had only intended to update your payment card, you can choose Save & Pay Later to exit the options or Cancel if you’ve changed your mind.

Please note: Clicking Pay Now will process the payment immediately.

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