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How do I preview my event page?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:17AM PST

At any time during the setup process you can PREVIEW your event and run through as many registrations as you like before going live. This is a great way to see what your participants see and make sure your registration flows the way you want it to.

As soon as you have entered the basics for your event such as time and location you will have access to the PREVIEW button, which is at the top right of your HOME dashboard.

Clicking it will bring you to a preview of your event’s registration landing page.  Provided you have prepared registration types and form questions, you can go through the process of buying tickets to your event.

The registration flow will be exactly the same as what your participants will see but no data will be collected to skew your reports and no credit card information is needed to reach the confirmation page.

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