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How do I process a refund on a corporate group registration?

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2019 01:54PM PDT

Need to process a refund for a single item or the registration? That’s no problem! With we make it simple and easy to process a refund. Follow the steps below to find out how!

1. Log In to your account and go to the event for which you need to process a refund.

2. Once in the event, click on PEOPLE in the left side navigation tool bar and select Buyers

3. In the search bar enter in the attendee’s Name, Email, Team/Corporate Group name, Order Number or Last 4 of CC.

4. Click on the Buyer’s card.

5. Click MANAGE ORDER drop down menu and then select Process Refund.

6. Next to each purchased registration /ticket line a field will open for you to type in the amount that you want to refund. *You are only able to refund up to the amount paid. 

7. Review your Order Summary, and click SUBMIT REFUND.

8. As one last step, a pop up will appear for your confirmation to ensure that you’ve intended to submit this refund. The Buyer will receive an email notifying them that the refund was processed.

Pro Tips: You can refund the associated tax by checking off the box for – Refund associated taxes.

You will need to have money in your Stripe account in order to process the refund to an attendee.

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