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How do I refund a corporate group attendee’s items?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 12:47PM PDT

An attendee needs a refund for an item they ordered? No problem! As an organizer you can go in to refund it for them. Follow the steps below to find out how!

1. Log In to your account and go to the event for which you need to refund an attendee item.

2. Once in the event, click on PEOPLE in the left side navigation tool bar and select Attendees.

3. In the search bar enter in the attendee’s Name, Email, Corporate Group name, Registration Number or Order Number.

4. Click on the attendee’s name card.

5. Click MANAGE REGISTRATION/TICKET drop down menu and then select Process Refund.

6. Next to the right of the attendee item, a field will open for you to enter the amount of the refund. Enter the amount in the field. If you need to include taxes, click the box on the left. You can also add notes for reference in your future reports. When finished click SUBMIT REFUND.

7. Confirm the Refund Order pop up to finalize. The purchaser will receive an email letting them know their refund was processed.

Please Note: You can only refund up to the amount that was originally paid.

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