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How do I remove an attendee from a Corporate Group?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:02AM PST

We at understand the importance of being able to manage your attendees post-registration. These instructions help you cancel a prepaid attendee and remove them from the Corporate Group. Their spot will become unfulfilled and be available for a new person. If you intend to have the spot completely cancelled from the Corporate Group, please refer to this article – How do I cancel unfulfilled Corporate Group registrations?

You’re just moments away from removing a prepaid Corporate Group attendee with these steps:

1. Log In to your account.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your organization data. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and click the event you wish to cancel a prepaid Corporate Group registration/ticket.

3. Click on PEOPLE, and then Attendees.

4. Search either by name, email, corporate group, registration number, or order number of the person whose registration you wish to cancel, and click on their attendee card.

5. From this view, click Manage Registration/Ticket, and you will see the option to Cancel Items. From here you can cancel the corporate group registration or any of the items they’ve selected. Select the items of their order you wish to cancel by selecting the boxes on the left side. If it is the full order, you can click CANCEL ENTIRE ORDER. When you’re finished making your selection click Submit Cancellation.

*The system will always confirm that you wish to cancel an order, so make sure to double check you are cancelling the correct one(s). This only cancels the prepaid registration accepted by the attendee.

The attendee will be emailed and the registration will be added back to the unfulfilled registration inventory. The Corporate Group Buyer can give the link out again to have a new person register.

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