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How do I see how many people have checked-in?

Last Updated: May 28, 2019 10:10AM PDT

With the Event Assistant App you can create a better experience for your attendees as well as a more efficient check-in flow for you event. You can also gather meaningful data about your check-in process, data that will allow you to learn and grow over time based on your attendees’ behavior.

The Check-Ins Over Time feature, located on the Stats section of the app, tracks the pace of check-ins for your event over a given time period. This will allow you to see, at a glance, when most people arrive onsite and when demand is heaviest. This allows you to better manage volunteers, resources and your time.

When connected to Wifi you can view these stats in realtime. When using offline mode – you can view the results once your check-ins are synched after the event. For more about connectivity and using the app, please click here

1. Go to Stats in your left side navigation


2. Scroll to Check-Ins Over Time and use the filter arrow to select check-in data for yesterday, today, or any custom date

3. Once your date is selected, you can then view a graph representing the number of check-ins processed over a given time period.  Scroll from left to right to view the relative volume of check-ins as it changes over time, as well as the absolute number.

This information will permit you to be proactive in providing a smooth and worry-free experience for your attendees.

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