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How do I set up discounts for the Refer-A-Friend tool?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:28AM PST

The Refer-A-Friend tool is a great way for your attendees to get the word out about your event. What better way to get all of your attendees to use this feature than to add a financial incentive! You can add incentives for the referrer, the referee, or both!

1. Log In to your account.

2. Choose the event that you want to edit.

3. Go to Promotions in your left navigation, and then to Refer-A-Friend.

4. You will see the options Email and Social. You can utilize both parts so that people can refer their friends through an email OR share a unique link through Facebook and Twitter.

5. To enable, make sure the YES/NO button on the top right is set to YES

Setting up the Refer By Email tool.

1. Enter the number of friends a referrer must have in order to get a discount, as well as the discount amount (percent or dollar) that will apply to their highest priced registration.

2. Enter the number of friends that will get a discount when they register, and specify the amount of that discount.

3. You will be able to Preview what your attendees will see as they register to your event. The Refresh button will show you the latest changes you made in step 1 and step 2.

4. Click Save

Setting up the Refer With Unique Link tool.

1. As with email, you can choose the number of friends that will receive a discount, and specify that discount. Due to social media policies it is not possible to offer the current purchaser a discount.

2. You can preview what your attendee will see in their registration, and the social media icons that allows them to post on Facebook and Twitter. Your attendees will need to allow pop-ups to post to Facebook.

3. Click SAVE

Pro Tip: Refer-A-Friend can also be effective without adding a discount. You can have it available for your attendees to share with their friends with or without a discount at any time.

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